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Molle Hippo Pad 3 Row (Small)

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Molle Hippo Pad 3 Row (Small)
  • Molle Hippo Pad 3 Row (Small)
  • Molle Hippo Pad 3 Row (Small)
  • Molle Hippo Pad 3 Row (Small)

The new version of our Molle Hippo Pad

Sizing & PALS
Small  for 30 inches to 34 inches  (17 PALS)
This allows for fitting 1 x Double ammo 3 Utility or zip top pouches
and 1 x double ammo or commanders pouch  (When using our pouches)

We have designed this new belt to accommodate blokes still on
vehicle based ops after having had feed back from them

It is slightly deeper than our previous version being 18.5 cm
this is to ensure that the pad completely covers the back of the
pouches offering more comfort
Both ends have openings to allow any excess belt to be stowed away

MOLLE - All 3 rows are Molle which accommodates issue pouches and our own design pouches so that they fit snug and tight on the belt

An all new padding system. Double Air mesh spacer material inside the pad makes it more supple and comfortable and allows for air circulation.

Square loops to attach our dump pouch

6 Polymer loops for yoke fittings for a low profile when using yoke systems, these are now fixed at 2 points using our D Secure system which prevents the D ring being torn off if given a sudden shock loading

Polymer Cobra buckle this has a breaking strain of 550lb and you are not breaking it, believe me we've tried!

Ideal for use with body armour leaving you the choice of where to fit your pouches

This Molle belt is very comfortable, very robust and is designed for JayJays own pouches but will accept issue pouches allowing them to fit tight together

Manufactured from MOD spec and Genuine Multicam materials. JayJays Ultra Thread used throughout 

IRR Spec

Any sizes outside of the small and medium can be made to special order

ring Workshops on option 1

Customer reviews
Great belt, easily the best quality i've come across.
Brilliant piece of kit, especially for someone with a smaller frame such as myself!