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Spacer Back Pad

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Spacer Back Pad
Long and short back bergan

Don't suffer the nightmare of bergan burn - it urts!!
This adaption covers the lower back section of the bergan
with spacer mesh fabric allowing the air to circulate
Other companies sew a pad into the centre of the lower back
which creates ridges we don't
We sew our pad into the seams of the bergan creating
a large smooth and flat area thereby eradicating bergan burn

This is a tried and tested adaption that works

Customer reviews
Great quality! Highly recommend.
Very comfortable.
High standard.
Turned the usual back rubber into a back comforter!
Superb mod. No more back rash with the pad fitted, feels much more comfy now. Very happy thank you.
A nice added extra to compliment the new straps.
Not tested yet but feels a lot more comfortable.
High quality, great addition.