Jayjays Brecon, British Army Webbing
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  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING
  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING
  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING
  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING
  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING
  • 1 - INFO - GEN 4 WEBBING

Polymer Cobra buckle now used on all our webbing systems.
Polymer D-Rings now used on all our webbing systems.

Why Polymer? 

Secondary blast injury prevention.

We have searched long and hard to find the 'holy-grail' of D-rings. Each one is capable of holding 185kg.

The Cobra has a breaking strain of 550lbs

They are Strong enough for Cas-Evac and extract. They are NOT brittle.

With no metal parts they are Jungle friendly. No corrosion, so no oiling needed. 
Grit can easily be rinsed out - simple admin.

D-rings can't spin and damage webbing.

With these and other changes we have kept strength and endurance whilst dropping the weigh considerably.

Molle attachments on all sides of pouches and molle on utility lids

Large side release 25 mm ITW Nexus buckles

Strap point on the 1st and 4th utility allows the lid to be tucked into the pouch when carrying a radio. Radio can be moved between the 2 pouches for balance.

Flexible spacer mesh pad with an anti-curve pattern, allows air circulation.
Will not
 hold water. 

Shaped to allow your legs free movement

The belt is stitched through the back panel of the webbing, fitted with a Polymer Cobra buckle and a tri-glide locking buckle. adjustable for length, it can be easily removed so you can change it to the buckle of your choice

Polymer D-rings for the yoke attachment points.

JayJays Ultra thread used throughout 

Genuine Multicam MOD and US Mil spec material. IRR spec  

Designed to fit the standard issued yoke, our molle yoke or under armour yoke. 

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