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1 - INFORMATION - MARCH Trauma Systems

1 - INFORMATION - MARCH Trauma Systems
  1. #Information & Background#

    Military, Police, Fire and Ambulance medics helped design the March Trauma Systems suite of products. This collaborative approach by leading experts ensured functionality and durability lay at the forefront of design. The MAS (March Applied System) is a compact, easy access, intuitive system with bespoke variations for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, Ambulance and other agencies. With a robust and rigorous testing phase informing the product design, flexibility of application to changing environments, including austere and/or hostile, is assured.

    The concept for this equipment was borne out of the Operators demand for a system that not only carried medical items but had them in the order of treatment, easily accessible and secure. The MAS ensures the equipment can be accessed at speed and in times of stress or confusion, the equipment acts as a guide whether you are using MARCH (military) or CABCD (civilian).

    The MARCH vision for the product to be inter-agency will ensure that emergency, law enforcement and security agencies can apply the benefits of familiarity of lay-out and flow of equipment in a chaotic or high pressure situation. This vision has been realised with multiple Police and Police Firearms units using the equipment along side their military counterparts and other emergency services.

    Made without compromise to quality. Featuring our unique patent pending 'Burst-Zip' opening and internal panels that guide you through the treatment process. The System options range from; Individual to Team and Prolonged Field Care Packs. Modules are durable, innovative, intuitive and built on a strong Operational and Manufacturing Pedigree


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