British Army Daysacks & Military Bergans

JayJays Bergans Military Backpacks

Bergans Military Backpacks of the Finest Quality

JayJays' range of Specialist Webbing includes solid military bergans. Made from high quality 1000 multicam denier, the British Army can rely on these solid daysacks to go across any area. You'll find in this section both light and compact daysacks available in different sizes.

✔ Ranging from 30-35Litre

Buy the ideal Army Daysack at JayJays

Not only we sourced the very best from Camelbak and Highlander to provide you with the best rucksacks online, but we also asked British soldiers about their specific needs and what they would expect from their day-to-day backpacks. With our experience within this business, we launched our own range Made by JayJays and today our Lite Fighter Daysack is part of our best-selling military backpacks.

If interested, we offer Bergen Modifications. And to complete your equipment, you can shop for Military Clothing at JayJays too.