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  • Bumroll
  • Bumroll
  1. #Description#
    The Bum Roll is an attachment that can be fitted to belt kit systems.
    Designed to fit across the top of the pouches at the rear of the belt kit. It is quick and easy to attach and gives the user more storage space. With a multitude of uses from stowing water proof clothing to storing ammunition bandoleers. The Bum Roll allows for easy fast access to kit that is not normally carried in the belt kit.
  2. #Key Features#
    Quick and easy to attach.
    Fits across the rear pouches of any belt kit.
    2 x tie off straps.
    2 x adjustment straps to pull it into the body.
    Front zip access.
    Storage capacity for a waterproof jacket.
    Genuine JayJays lifetime warranty.
  3. #Tech Specs.#
    Multicam 1000d construction.
    Mulicam murdoch webbing.
    Multicam texcel binding tape.
    YKK reverse zipping.
    JayyJays ultra thread.
    ITW nexus hardware.
    IRR compliant.
    Weight 135g.
    Dimensions l x 360mm h x 90mm d x 90mm
  4. #FAQ'S#
  5. #Downloads#
Customer reviews
Just what I wanted.
Elizabeth E.
More spacious than I thought.
High Quality as usual.
A great addition to your kit and easy to attach.
Patrick E.
Gets waterproofs out of webbing making extra space.
Paul T.
Great bit of kit!
Just what I wanted thank you.
Robb E.
Quality is absolutely awesome! A month earlier I'd had a last minute cadre to attend and needed some decent webbing. Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake and brought cheaper from Bulldog Tactical. Biggest mistake with kit I've ever made! After only 3 days on exercise it was already starting to fray and fail. JayJays kit FAR surpasses it in every detail. Cannot express just how good this rig is and can't recommend it enough, plus excellent delivery speed!
Rachel H.
Well made ,never used one of these before but will keep things looking tidy and if used for gortex will leave a nice bit of space in day sack .
The bumroll only just fits an MTP poncho inside and I was worried about breaking the zip. Not certain it'll be practical for that job in the field. It's not a bumroll in the style of its '58 pattern name sake (into which you put a folded/ rolled up poncho) but rather it's an oversized pencil case. That said, it attaches to webbing as described and can be fastened onto the front of a Bergen too.