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MTP Jackets - Windproof And Lightweight Jackets

windproof MTP jacket

MTP jackets* are produced with high-quality materials and efficiently protect the soldier against bad weather. Made of lightweight materials & fabrics, these military jackets are appreciated for their incredible breathability, as well as their capacity to dry quickly.

Our selection of MTP jackets includes Keela SF & MK 1 Jackets, best-sellers amongst Military Clothing. Our range of MTP Jackets also includes our own SAS Windproof Smock, made of high quality material.

Different options are available: large pockets, adjustable hood, flat seams...

*MTP stands for Multi-Terrain Pattern, a pattern composed of six colour tones of browns and greens to perform discreetly across many environments like deserts and woodlands.

The MTP Jacket is a must-have item of MTP Camo Clothing

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