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JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam

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JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam
  • JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam
  • JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam
  • JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam
  • JayJays Beast Bergan MultiCam
  1. #Description#
    *Please note there is a slight 4 day wait on this item as we are awaiting frame delivery*
    Following updates arising from customer feedback on our Jungle Bergan, the Beast is now available.
    Instead of fixed side pouches, the Beast comes with mesh bladders and fixings that are compatible with issues PLCE side/rocket pouches. Side compression straps are also a new addition.
    The Beast is a 125ltr capacity rucksack designed for wearing with belt kit. (With rocket pouches this goes up to a huge 150ltr capacity).
    The Bergan sits on an external high density polymer frame to ensure maximum air flow around the back area.
    An inherent problem with external framed bergans is that they can squeak under load. We have now incorporated anti squeak pads on the webbing straps to eliminate this problem
    The Bergan'sí profile is low in height yet wide enough to cope with large volumes of kit needed.
    JayJays padded wider shoulder straps are fitted for comfort due to the amount of time the Bergan is worn and the loads carried.
    Multiple pouches on the front and sides allow the user to access kit that is used frequently without having to open the main compartment of the Bergan.
    Developed over 3 years with feedback and user trials from some of the best Jungle Warfare instructors in the business. This truly is one of the best all round Bergans for todays soldiers.
  2. #Key Features#

    Shaped top lid with 2 zipped access points whether the lid is closed or open.
    The lid is also fully molled.
    Down East Inc high density polymer frame as issued (and drops tested) by the USMC. Super strong but lightweight.
    The frame padding system is comfortable and covered in PU fabric to minimise friction when clothing is wet.
    Anti squeak pads on webbing straps.
    Spacetec padded wider shoulder straps for comfort.
    2 mesh side pouches that can be stowed flat when not in use.
    Attachment for issued PLCE side/rocket pouches.
    Large triple pouch across the front bottom, used for stowing food, water bottles and cooking essentials.
    The pouches have a drawstring storm neck to keep the kit dry and keep insects out.
    Large zipped (Heavy duty YKK reverse zip to extend zip life) basha pouch on the front for stowage of hammock and basha.
    Large covered drain holes to all compartments and pouches.
    Large mesh pocket inside for stowing wet kit at night.
    The main compartment has a large drawstring neck with 2 antenna / drinking tube ports.
    Web tidyís on all loose webbing straps to keep them neat.
    Reinforced base for abrasion resistance.
    125 ltr capacity. A Huge 150 ltr capacity with side pouches attached.
    Genuine JayJays lifetime warranty.

  3. #Tech Specs.#

    Multicam 1000d construction.
    Mulicam Murdoch webbing.
    Multicam Texcel binding tape.
    Spacetec spacer fabrics.
    High density polymer frame.
    JayJays ultra thread.
    ITW Nexus hardware.
    4oz PU Fabric.
    Heavy duty YKK reverse zipping.
    Closed cell foam products.
    IRR compliant.
    Weight 3.2kg.
    Dimensions: h x 64 cm d x 45 cm w x 60 cm
    - when fully loaded.

  4. #FAQ'S#
    'Do you provide the side pouches?'
    No - we are currently developing side pouches to improve upon the issued PLCE. However as the PLCE ones are issued as standard, we have made our bergan so that it is able to accept your issued pouches in the mean time.

    'Can you adapt my bergan (issued or Jungle) to be the same as the Beast bergan?'
    No - The size, shape and patterning is completely different. This is why it has taken us a while to design and produce the Beast.

    'Is the frame likely to break?'
    No - this is the frame used tried and tested by the US Marine Core. It has easily survived drops (parachute) testing

  5. #Downloads#
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very pleased with my purchase.
Rory J.
Shopping Satisfaction
Well happy with this Bergen ,I did have the platatac jungle Alice the jay jay hands down better and comfy.
Steven R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent quality as always and comes with a lifetime guarantee x.
Tracey W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Best out there .
Shopping Satisfaction
Great frame, good solid jungle bergan. Lifetime guarantee is always good with jay jays.
James K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Top quality, never need a new one again.
Josh w.
Shopping Satisfaction
Quite simply one of the best pieces of kit you can buy.
Corey M.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great bergen well designed.
Marcus W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Looks good, exactly what needed.
William P.
Shopping Satisfaction
An excellent quality addition to my kit. Already tested and easily stands up to the test. Real craftsmanship. Spacious, comfortable and all the bits in the right places. It may seem a tad expensive to some...but trust me. You will never need to buy another bergan. Top gear. Thanks.
Gary F.