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JayJays First Aid Kits

Discover our full range of Medical Bag Pouches

Providing our customers with the necessary equipment is a priority to Jay Jays, which could not have been reached without MARCH Trauma Systems first-aid military pouches. These are the ultimate solution to carry your medical equipment.

✔ Produced to ensure a secured carriage

✔ Quick access to the medical supplies

Browse this range to discover the varied types of medical bag pouch: this range includes complete first-aid kits, as well as basic red daysacks with no content. These are suitable for Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and other agencies operating in any environment, including those austere and/or hostile.

MAS kit were specifically designed to meet medics needs

Even though JayJays medical bag pouches come in different sizes, they are all 100% compact to optimise space. They combine many advantages to provide you with the ultimate solution: versatile, easy-to-use and quality designed. 

✔ Manufactured in the UK using the best quality materials

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