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Molle Dump Pouch (Mesh)

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Molle Dump Pouch (Mesh)
  1. #Description#
    The Dump Pouch is a molle system pouch that is used for storing empty ammunition magazines quickly.
    Designed to fit any molle system or alternatively to JayJays Gen 4 Webbing Systems or JayJays Molle Pads by the 2 rings attached.
    When not in use the pouch is rolled up to a very small size and when the user needs to use the pouch, they simply pull the release handle and the pouch unrolls allowing the empty magazine to be dumped and stored.
    All mesh lightweight construction with an adjustable neck to cater for different magazine sizes.
    Easy access to the empty magazines is gained by a large frontal zip.
  2. #Key Features#

    Molle system attachment.
    Unique no popstud molle design means the pouch will always stay attached and not rust.
    Folds up to one of the smallest dump pouches on the market.
    Quick and easy dump of magazine to aid quick magazine changes.
    Adjustable shock cord neck opening to cater for different magazine sizes.
    Large front zip to allow quick access to empty magazines.
    Can befitted to the sides of other larger pouches or to the front of body armour.
    Lightweight mesh construction.
    Large release handle for grip.
    Genuine JayJays lifetime warranty.

  3. #Tech Specs.#

    Multicam poly knit mesh construction.
    Mulicam Murdoch webbing.
    Multicam Texcel binding tape.
    Jayyjays Ultra thread.
    ITW Nexus hardware.
    YKK reverse zip.
    Paracord 550 type III.
    Military spec hook and loop.
    Pouch uses 1row x 3 pals.
    IRR compliant.
    Weight 120g.
    Dimensions open: h x 285mm w x 220mm.
    Dimensions rolled up: h x 65mm d x 50mm w x 105mm 

  4. #FAQ'S#
  5. #Downloads#
Customer reviews
Best dump pouch on the internet by far.
David c.
Been through a few dump pouches now. This is one of the best I've come across, feature packed; the draw cord is elastic unlike others so you can close the opening a little and still force mags in, then you don't lose them on the run etc. Haven't used the side zip, but it looks good and I guess will aid one-handed access to the contents. Over all very happy with it, well worth the money!
Excellent quality.
Tim S.
Incredibly useful.
Alistair T.
Handy bit of kit folds up small.
Craig L.
Ross m.
Quality is absolutely awesome! A month earlier I'd had a last minute cadre to attend and needed some decent webbing. Unfortunately I made a rookie mistake and brought cheaper from Bulldog Tactical. Biggest mistake with kit I've ever made! After only 3 days on exercise it was already starting to fray and fail. JayJays kit FAR surpasses it in every detail. Cannot express just how good this rig is and can't recommend it enough, plus excellent delivery speed!
Rachel H.
Kinsey H.
Just what I was looking for.
Nicholas L.
Very impressed with the workmanship and quality of the product. Highly recommend.
Ed G.