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Jayjays' MTP MOLLE pouches

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Here at JayJays, we offer an extensive range of MOLLE pouches, specially designed for military use. These come in different sizes and styles to suit everyone's needs.

From Molle utility pouch to commanders pouch, we have it all covered. Our brand, Made by JayJays, contains every piece of load bearing equipment you may need including genuine quality MOLLE pouches made from 1,000 denier Multicam. These are truly useful for operators who need to merge into the environment - wherever the theatre.

Our Military MOLLE Pouches are fully Adaptable

For instance, the Molle Zip Top pouch enables you to attach other pouches on top, which can be helpful when space is at premium.

Fully adjustable to ensure that the carrier feels comfortable, our MOLLE webbing pouches are durable and will be undeniably part of your essential equipment.

Genuine JayJays have been in business for over 25 years now, which has enabled us to extend this range and provide all types of MTP molle pouches including single or double MOLLE amo pouches, zip top etc.

✔ Specialised in Load Bearing Equipment since 1933

You can also find Molle belts, military webbing and tailored bergen online.