Molle Webbing (Removable Pouches)

JayJays MOLLE Webbing
Discover our MOLLE Webbing Sets

Specialising in military load carriage, JayJays offers an extensive range of MOLLE webbing sets, which are essential for carrying your equipment. From All Arms Sets that are truly convenient for load carriage of ammunition - to Commanders sets when you need admin.

Molle sets by their very nature are interchangeable and as such will serve you whatever course you are on, or theatre you are operating in. By developing our own brand "JayJays" we provide our customers with exclusive MOLLE webbing sets, perfectly adapted to the needs of the military, commanders and soldiers.

Get a 100% Adapted MOLLE Webbing Set

Our range of MOLLE Webbing includes complete Infantry, Commanders and All Arms sets:

  • Available in small or medium sizes (Large on request)
  • Made of genuine MultiCam
  • 1000 denier, robust and durable

Choose your set up with Zip Top Pouches or Utility Pouches. Add Ammos, Commander Pouches etc as required.

✔ All come with jungle friendly D rings and 50mm Polymer GT Cobra clip.

Manufacturer of specialist webbing, JayJays ensures quality products. Shop Now from our range of Molle Webbing & Enjoy 10% off pouches when you purchase any complete molle webbing set.

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