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Triple Pouch Set

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Triple Pouch Set
15 years ago this was our very first bergan adaption
There has been no change to the design in all that time because it just works
Each pouch has a 25mm side release buckle for closure
Each pouch is 10cm deep x 10.5cm wide x 21cm in height
Designed for carriage of rations, jetboils, water etc allowing
you to get a brew/scoff without going into the main compartment

1000 denier MOD spec DPM nylon
IRR spec
Customer reviews
William B.
Very good.
Paul C.
-Excellent quality
-Makes life a lot easier when needing kit.(no need to route around in a side pouch)
-Tailoring done to a high standard.
Lee s.
Looks like it was always on my bergan.
Craig M.
Looks good and feels good quality.
Will L.
Excellent job.
Jacqui A.
Gleaming. Fits everything you will want and also allows quick grab items to be available without having to go into a sode pouch and route around.
Scott C.
Great quality, great service!
Thomas T.
Great product.
David G.
Great addition to my bergen room for jet boil, spare water bottle and rations with out having to enter main compartment.
Dean C.